2020 Diversion Day

 Allenspark Area Club / Boulder County Diversion Day

By Bob Snell


The Allenspark Area Club and Boulder County’s Resource Conservation Division are happy to tentatively announce the sixth annual “Diversion Day”.

We say tentatively because as of now  the Area Club and Boulder county are moving forward with this event. If the Covid 19 conditions change we may find it necessary to cancel. Please watch for any announcements in the August Wind and the posting sites in the area. Also note social distancing and face masks will be required to help protect you and the workers. This is good practice and in accordance of county regulations.

This event collects numerous materials for recycling, diverting them from the landfill. This is part of the county’s Zero Waste initiative. More information is available at www.BoulderCountyRecycles.org or by calling 720-564-2220.

Please read the details carefully.

The event will be held on Saturday August 08 from 9:00 AM until Noon. It is located in the lot between the Allenspark Osmun fire station and the transfer station. Enter on the side of the fire stationWe have plenty of capacity so there is no reason to come early to be “first in line”. In previous years we were extremely busy during the first hour and much less so thereafter.

Items to be collected at no charge are:

Appliances, including those containing CFCs (Freon) such as refrigerators and freezers.

Motor Oil

Antifreeze / coolant

Paint – Latex and Oil based.


Mattresses and box springs

Cushions from couches and chairs

Tires – with or without wheels, pickup truck size maximum

Lead acid batteries these are automotive type batteries


Please be reminded this is not a free dump day so do not bring items other than those listed above for free disposal. Trash can be deposited at the transfer station using the normal, daily services for the standard fees. As always the transfer station will provide its’ regular service of scrap metal, textile, cardboard, paper, aluminum, glass, steel and plastic container collection for recycling.

The Diversion Day event is open to all residents and land owners within the Boulder County portion of the Allenspark Fire Protection District. Be sure to bring some ID to verify this. Utility bills work well for property owners whose primary residence (thus driver’s license) is out of the area.

We will have helpers but if all possible please be prepared to unload your own vehicle.

See you there. Let’s keep making lots of new stuff out of old.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to call or e-mail.


Bob Snell – Allenspark Area Club

303-747-2652  - RNSnell@msn.com